December 31, 2004

Comments Temporarily Closed

I'm getting hit with a persistent spammer. None of the spam made it to the blog since I require comments on older posts be approved by moi. But, I'm being nagged to death by my e-mail telling me that the mindless robot is on a campaign to spam my site. So, I've shut down comments for now. I'm going to go find a cool plugin that I saw recently and try it out.

Just to be annoying, I'm not changing my html, so it will appear that I take comments, but I really don't. To be honest, I don't feel like changing my template when comments will be re-opened shortly (I hope) once I find that nifty plugin I liked.

Until then, talk amongst yourselves.

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December 23, 2004

Happy Holidays

I'm getting out of dodge for a few days. Hope everyone has a great holiday break.

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December 19, 2004

I could get used to this

I am in love with my civilian status. This weekend is bliss I tell you.

Yesterday I did a mini-cleanup of my house. I was actually in good mood during housework. This is unusual. I embraced housework.

Then I went to the grocery store and actually bought food. I even made dinner last night. Unbelievable.

I took a nap with the canines and when I woke up, I swooned upon realizing that I did not have to study. My day was free to do with it what I liked. The sheer power of that revelation was almost overwhelming. I almost burst into tears. Hell, I had plenty of time to indulge in a breakdown if I wished.

Today I am going to complete my Christmas shopping. Even the spectacle of joining the hordes of last-minute shoppers can't dampen my devil-may-care attitude. In fact, I have mapped out the gift shopping in such a manner, I will avoid all malls. Crucial.

Upon returning from shopping I'll start up the pot of homemade veggie-beef soup. And then, to top off the Domestic Goddess persona I have adopted this weekend, I plan to finish the cleaning, rendering my upstairs immaculate. Dare, I actually finish laundry? Yes, Yes!! And I shall even wash the bedding.

Note, as I type this, Koba has sent J's empty cereal bowl flying from his desktop to the floor. Even my darling Schipperke's naughty behavior bounces off me. I am empowered.

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