December 10, 2004

The Tedium continues

Done with Criminal. Done with Contracts. Property final tomorrow. Haven't touched property. Guess what I'm doing today.

The Contracts final went suspiciously well. It was all multiple choice. It seemed almost easy. My eye instantly landed on the word or phrasing that turned the question. I completed the exam an hour ahead of time. I didn't think that was possible in a law school exam. I took a little time to go over my answers until I saw other students get up to leave. Then, I felt confident it wasn't a total fluke that I was finished early and I got up and left.

I'd say 70% of the questions felt nearly no-brainer and the remaining 30% required thought. I think I only punted on about 10%. Naturally, I am now convinced I failed because it went too well.

I'm thoroughly sick of all this studying. At least I have a couple of free days before my Civ Pro exam to prepare. Civ Pro is my biggest concern. The prof used really convaluted hypos during class which indicates her exam will be tricky. I have a prior exam to look at which will either ease my mind or send me into a sheer panic. I've decided to delay such strong reactions until after the Property exam is a done deal.

Civ Pro is open book. My task is to go through the relevant Federal Rules and break them down into fast elements. I don't want to refer to the rule book during the exam if I can help it. Reading some of the rules gives me the sensation that my mind is bending into a pretzel. I'd rather go through the mind-bending prior to the exam.

The infamous Erie Doctrine is a sure thing for exam fodder. I'll tackle the beast.

Onto future interests. Yuck.

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December 09, 2004


My Life this Week:

Spend hours in front of laptop (clad in dirty jammies, smelly, greasy hair) outlining and outlining and outlining.

Go to exam. Experience slight intenstinal disorder morning of exam. Leave ridiculously early. Arrive. Drag wheelie bag through slush and try not to fall on my ass in front of law school. Pick seat. Pull out all crap that goes with laptop. Listen to same instructions for ExamSoft. Dive into crowd around table picking up scratch paper, discs, exam, etc. Always pick up to much scratch paper. Read exam. Feel stupid. Dive in. Glare at clock occasionally. Finish typing mere seconds before exam is called. Charge out of exam crowd quickly to avoid hearing fellow students dissecting the exam. "Dude, did you talk about policy?" "Not much." "Dude, I talked about policy on every answer!" (Me: Damn, did I talk about policy?) Run.

Return home. Go to sleep. Wake up. Begin outlining again.

In between all of the above, slap something between two slices of bread and call it a meal. Be irritated that I have to stop to eat.

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December 08, 2004

One Down, three to go

Yesterday was exam number one in criminal law. I think I did alright. At least, I knew all the rules cold. The only question is did I analyze enough, was I clear? Who knows. January 7th will tell the tale.

The physical effect on my body after an exam is insane. I go down like a brick. A measly three hours creates a feeling like I haven't slept in days. I don't really feel the nerves, but there must be tons of adrenaline pumping through my body for those three hours.

And, three hours in a law school exam is like 15 minutes in the real world. At undergrad, three hours would have seemed ridiculous. Who needs three hours to write a few essays? Now I wish for another hour!

Now it's Contract preparation time. I tried to work on my outline last night, but I was a fumbling idiot. Total flatline. I finally gave up and headed to bed with the latest Anne Rice novel.

There was a slight disaster pre-exam. The student next to me opened up ExamSoft and muttered WTF? I looked over and his ExamSoft was telling him it needed re-installed. I quickly opened mine - same situation. WTF? I re-installed this semester and had my machine certified. I looked at the clock. Ten minutes. I quickly went online, downloaded the sucker, ran the registration test, rebooted and came in under the finish line. The guy next to me didn't have wireless access. Fortunately for him, he found a buddy somewhere in the law school who was willing to swap laptops. He flew in minutes before start time with his purloined laptop and furiously booted up.

Note to exam takers. Please don't sigh and groan so much. I kept hearing agonized noises around me. I don't wear earplugs - I would find them more of a distraction than a help. But I could really do without the sighs and groans.

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December 06, 2004

My dogs are bored

My canine companions have had it up to here with my obsessive outlining. They're sick of it. I'm dull. I sit for hours with my back to them muttering and printing. Occasionally I get up and shove them out the slider to go play already. The schipperke is fixing me with his laser beam eyes and silently planning the coup. He's also taken to following me into the bathroom. Yesterday, he refused to follow on one occasion, but planted his little butt outside the door. Within 30 seconds he was scratching at the door. Gimme a minute already!

Today I'd planned to take "the boys" to get their bordatella shots. Picture a 25 pound hyperactive schipperke in the front seat of my Honda and a 100 pound oaf malamute in the back seat.

Good times.

Alas, I decided I couldn't take them to the vet today because the criminal law final looms tomorrow morning. I called the vet and instructed them to schedule me after my final tomorrow before I had a chance to start panicking about the next one.

Yesterday, in a frantic attempt to gain control, I carefully logged my plan of attack for this week on Outlook. I felt much better looking at The Plan. Naturally, The Plan has already been abandoned. Instead of condensing my criminal outline this morning, I'm stubbornly continuing work on my contracts outline. Will ignoring my Outlook calendar cause the cosmos to shift? I dunno. I'll keep you posted.

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December 05, 2004

Total Immersion

The Criminal outline took forever because I never once organized my notes, etc. during the term. But putting it together was magic. I love my outline. It's going to go into the compression phase later today and then onto flashcards for elements.

The Contracts outline is in the hopper. Fortunately, the remainder of my classes were much more organized than Criminal. Since I'm a kinetic learner, outlining is how I absorb and memorize. Really, that's all outlining is about.

I backtracked on attending the final review tutorials. I'm learning much better this way. I will, however, attend the Civ Pro review because the professor is doing it as opposed to a tutor. Not that I have anything against tutors. I think they are wonderful. But I have experienced mass confusion from a tutor, so I tend to avoid them. For example, our property professor was a no-show the other day. One of the students talked the tutor (who was present) into getting up to answer questions. The tutor was caught unaware and was rattled. Within 5 minutes he had me confused and I was silently praying for it to just end. Then he announced that he really had to go because his wife was having a baby in an hour! The final review was scheduled in property with the same tutor for later in the afternoon. I find it very commendable that this young man came back to the school after his wife gave birth. But, I really don't know how he was going to pull off giving a succinct, non-confusing tutorial after going through such a life event. I tip my hat to him, but I avoided that particular review like the plague.

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December 02, 2004

Refusing to Panic

I worked my last day at the office today until finals are over. I could not wait to get into the car and transform into "justalawstudent."

Tomorrow I have my last two classes and then it's time to immerse. The final tutorials are neatly placed in Outlook. I don't go to tutorials during the semester, but I do show up to mooch tutorial space during final reviews.

I haven't had the time to sit down and properly organize/absorb the material. I keep telling myself I have time. First exam is Tuesday, next exam Thursday and next exam Saturday. The final exam is the following week on Tuesday. They are spaced out nicely.

A fellow student today remarked that she's avoiding pre-exam stress by deciding that if it was meant to be, it was meant to be. I wish I could be as philosophical. But, for me it's MEANT TO BE AND WILL BE DAMMIT.

Here's wishing my fellow victims good luck this exam period.

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November 28, 2004

I hereby solemnly swear

that next semester I will take at least a few hours on the weekend to keep up my outlines.

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November 26, 2004

Delay, deny

Last night I made a perfect turkey. It was a masterpiece. I should have taken a photo, but I was greedily slicing into it before I could stop myself.

Now begins serious business-the outlines. But, I've been stalling with the following techniques:

1. Clip fingernails to make keyboarding more efficient.

2. Polish the laptop.

3. Clean off my desk to make room.

4. Polish the laptop again.

5. Realize that I must get a load of laundry in NOW.

6. Review my calendar just to confirm final exam dates.

7. Read blogs.

8. Run spyware killers.

9. Update my Windows and Office programs.

10. Make another pot of coffee.

This is getting ridiculous. I just have to dive in.

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November 24, 2004

Over the Hump

The open memo was turned in at noon today. I think I did better than most of my fellow students in keeping the stress-load down. I looked around class yesterday and everyone looked like hell. Contact lenses have been abandoned en masse. Attire is rumpled, bloodshot eyes, scraggly hair, and some even smelled! I heard two girls talking about pulling all-nighters to get their memos done. Egads!

As usual I do not feel my memo was the perfection it could have been. There's never enough time. I focused on format, format, format. I hope I didn't miss anything glaring in my research. But it's done, time to move on.

Tomorrow I'm hoping to take tomorrow off law school obsession while I put together Thanksgiving dinner. I went to the grocery store and seriously damaged my debit card buying the stuff. I heard my card audibly groan as I slid it through. It's just J and I for dinner since the extended families are located elsewhere. Usually I go "elsewhere" but this year I have to stay home snuggled up to case books and supplements burning up the laptop.

My frantic emailing with my mother has begun. How do I make the stuffing? How much of this and that do you use? Etc. Meanwhile, poor mom is trying to put together Thanksgiving on her end while her bratty daughter pummels her with questions.

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November 19, 2004

The Pressure-Cooker

I'm officially feeling the pre-exam strain.

This week I had to push myself to show up to anything. Everything felt overwhelming. I was tired 24/7. Dismal.

Today was my long day at school. My last class ended at 3. I came home and did a faceplant until 9:30! I woke up with that weird disconnected feeling of not being sure what day it was, whether I just had a nap, or if it was the next morning.

But, after my long afternoon of sleep, I'm feeling a little better. I think my ability to focus came back in those five hours.

This weekend and the few short days next week will be devoted to finishing up my memo which is due Wednesday by noon. Then onwards to Outlining Break formerly known as Thanksgiving Break.

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November 17, 2004

Keeping it Zen

The pre-exam panic-monster is trying to get me. Every once in awhile it creeps into my forebrain and I shove it back.

My final memo project is due the day before Thanksgiving. I'm hoping to get the draft finished by Sunday at the latest so I can refine it for a couple of nights. Once that's finished, I can concentrate on my other classes.

The outlines have been started. Study guides have been purchased. I need to finish collecting the past exam examples from the library.

Goal: Finish outlines by the end of the Thanksgiving Break. Start running practice exams. Complete tabbing pages and organizing notes/outlines for the one open book exam.

My fantasy is to be in the "review" phase a few days prior to exams. Not the "cram" phase or last minute outlining.

I have three of my four exams scheduled the first week. I'm taking that entire week off work. I know from experience that I am physically, mentally, and emotionally drained from the three hours I spend in an exam. Going to work afterwards is not an option. I need time between the exams to sink into despair, vomit, and pick myself back up for the next one.

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November 12, 2004

Keep on movin' on

The research test is a done deal. I'm turning it in this morning. It was quite the intellectual workout.

My case books are languishing. Time to dust them off and remember there is more to law school than my research/writing class.

Am I the only one planning to spend my entire Thanksgiving break outlining? I'll bet not.

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November 09, 2004

Study Guides

At orientation and during the beginnings of most classes, we were warned of the perils of study guides. Study guides were not encouraged. In fact they were discouraged. I can see the reasoning behind urging 1Ls to dive into cases and reason for themselves. But, the discouragement was overkill.

I have tried my darndest to do this all by my self exclusively through case books and briefing. But, frustration has set in between rules being clear as mud and some profs playing hide the ball. Desperation has taken hold as exams approach.

Today I took the plunge. I've obtained study guides -- Crunchtimes and a nutshell to be exact. I noticed a number of 2Ls and 3Ls tucking their study guides under their arms in an attempt to hide them under their case books. I've seen tutors walking around with study guides peeking out of their bags. Aha!

There was a question plaguing me in Civil Procedure. It was a basic, silly personal jurisdiction question that was mucking up my grasp of the rules and exceptions. I opened my nutshell and within seconds the question was cleared up. Clarity. Heaven.

I will still suffer through the cases (no canned briefs for me) and I will build as much of my outline as I can from the rules I've teased out of the cases. But, I fully intend to supplement with study guides.

I have seen the light and it is beautiful.

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November 08, 2004

Hours I will never get back

I just finished the take home Bluebook citation exam. I spent hours spanning across three nights hunched over my Bluebook squinting my eyes and wrinkling my nose.

This is a sign from The Divine that I have no desire to participate in the notes competition.


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i'm freaking out a little

This is the month that separates the boys from the men or the girls from the women. The month prior to finals. This is also the month where writing/research exams take place.

I am in the middle of frantically working on my research assignment due on Friday. Two solid days were spent in the library and I still have quite a ways to go. Case reading has gone by the wayside until I get this sucker done. Well, I'm going to scan my reading, but that's as much as I can get done.

It's so intense, I'm making arrangments to take tomorrow off work so I can spend another solid day in the library. This is why they tell 1Ls not to work. But, other than this month-of-anxiety, working and school hasn't been a bad combo. I imagine I'll go through this again in April.

Unfortunately, I'm seriously considering canceling my plan to head to Montana for Thanksgiving. I think I'd better plan on spending those glorious days off getting my other classes ready for finals.

I feel like I haven't been in Contracts class for months. I've been there, but I've lost my grip on the material for now.

Breathe in, breathe out.

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November 06, 2004

Outlining Software

First, please forgive me for not posting links to the software I'll talk about. I'm being lazy, I admit it. A Google search for any of these items will give you hits immediately.

After trying 3 - count them - 3 different methods, I have returned to good old trusty Word for my notes, briefs and outlines.

I began with Microsoft's OneNote. This is a cool program that I'm sure I'll use in other endeavors. The interface is smooth and the visual is stunning. But, I couldn't use tables and I didn't have access to enough word processing bells and whistles. And actually, the cutesy interface got on my nerves.

Then I received an offer to use Storelaw Outliner for free. Not a trial version - the whole shebang for free. So I tried it out. Its nicest feature is the ability to download the indexes from most every 1L casebook. The downside is most profs jump around in the casebook, so that quickly became more of a pain than a plus. I was even more limited in my desire for word processing bells and whistles. Again, no tables. And I had to work in half-views most of the time which bugged me.

Then I found out about Flashlaw. Another freebie. Flashlaw had a better interface than Outliner. It also has a nifty feature where you can plug in legal concepts to your briefs and notes, and outline sort by those concepts. Once again, no bells and whistles for word processing junkies. Plus, frankly, it "helped" a little too much. It would arbitrarily decide something had to have a number. What if I don't want a stinking number? No luck. It generates nice outlines, but if I want to re-format the outline, guess where I have to go - back to Word.

So I finally moved everything to good old trust Word. Every time I tried out a new item, I had to move all my notes and briefs. I'm ashamed of the countless, pointless hours I spent moving my stuff from one application to another.

I'm happily at home in Word now. I've created a couple of macros which snuggle up in my toolbar. One macro is a table for a full brief, one macro is a short brief (facts, issue/holding, rule-no rationale or procedural history) and one macro is my "rule brief" for outlining - just the facts and the rule to job my memory. I'm a happy little camper. The only area I avoid like the plague is the annoying outlining templates built into Word. I don't like a million fonts in my outline. In fact, I rely more on bullets (of my own creation - back off Word when you try and organize my damn bullets!). Color is used sparingly - don't overstimulate my senses. One font.

A few days ago I found myself on the precipice of danger again. I want to create some flow charts and maps. I began cruising the open source sites. Then I stopped myself. A pencil and some graph paper is all I need. I don't need to spend hours arguing with a piece of software over where my boxes and lines go.

Simplicity rules.

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October 28, 2004

Balancing Act

I finally got my LWR project done. The draft is complete and just needs some tweaking tonight. I have to step away from it for awhile and look at it with "new eyes."

My trip to MT really put me behind the ball on the paper. But, I've survived and the trip was so worth it for my sanity. I'm horribly behind on my reading, but it's not insurmountable. I'll be caught up over the weekend.

I've resigned myself to the fact that I will be in the law library every weekend. Oh well, I guess that's where law students belong!

I've been reading around discussion boards and blogs seeing reactions from pre-1Ls getting their LSAT scores. It's funny to see most people stressing over scores that were higher than mine! My scores were very, very average. I suck at math-like word problems. I can manipulate parties and fact scenarios and plug them into the rules, but I cannot deal with five orchestra groups, restrictions, and figuring out if A plays before O, when will C play? Gack.

And a really bold confession: I did not prepare for the LSAT. I bought the usual study guides, glanced through them and pretty much put them aside. I knew no amount of preparation would help my brain work out those math/word problems. So, I basically punted. And it worked. My score was average, my GPA was high and I got into the school of my choice (the only choice really based on my reluctance to re-locate). I also got a decent scholarship award to offset the ridiculous cost of law school.

I would never recommend anyone wing it on the LSAT like I did. But, it got me where I wanted to go.

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October 21, 2004


I have a serious case of Law Student Exhaustion tonight. Because of my impetuous retreat to the mountains of Montana, I'm behind on a research assignment. I'll be on top of that this weekend. I'm too tired to prepare for my two morning classes. I made the decision to sleep in tomorrow and hit the library for awhile before my afternoon classes. It's somewhat flaky, but it's survival time!

My Civ Pro professor announced today that our exam will be open book and open notes. Relief! Instead of trying to commit all of the rules to memory, I can dedicate myself to meticulous organization. I realize that open-book exams are usually tougher than closed books. I'll prepare for the exam pretty much the same way I prepare for closed-book, but will focus on a concise outline, flow chart and tabs everywhere.

Contracts needs some serious attention. I've lost my grip on my notes and briefs. That will be another chore for the weekend.

I have a feeling I'm one of the many law students who is DREAMING of Summer Break! The holidays don't count as a break because everyone knows there are no holidays in law school.

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October 11, 2004

Message Cars

I love the cars on campus festooned with the latest "message" stickers.

Today's winner: A drawing of a condom (on a rather exhuberant male appendage) stating "Just wear it."

Er....thanks...alrighty then.

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October 09, 2004

This is outlining weekend. I have a midterm in Criminal in a little over a week. My Civ Pro notes are out of control. I'm considering flow charts for Civ Pro.

I turned in the horrendous writing assignment. It wasn't worth the paper it was written on. But it's done. Over. Next. My synthesis assignment came back dripping with red ink. There's enough red ink to justify a chat with the prof. I'm not too concerned. It's all fixable. Fortunately, we have just a research assignment this week and no writing. The research will require some digging. Tomorrow.

I brazenly took the night off last night and watched a movie-Donnie Dark. It was quite unsettling. I'm not sure it was a wise choice. Plus I've combined it with an Anne Rice novel. I'm starting the Mayfair series. My recent experience with overwhelming boredom convinced me I needed to find something to read that wasn't law school related. Of course, it's bedtime reading. The days of recreational reading during the day are over!

I'm aware that my header graphic is floating over the margin. I'll worry about that later!

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October 08, 2004

open season on gunners

The blogger over at Unreasonable Man is struggling with gunners. Jeremy just posted another entry on gunners.

Geez, does it get worse as the weather cools? Do gunners mutate in cold weather? I'm concerned.

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October 07, 2004

Gunners begone!

Gah. I have two of them in Civ Pro - one girl and one boy. Bookends.

Every class these two have their own witty little hypos to share. EVERY DAMN CLASS! They are annoying me so much that I'm irritated before class even starts.

Sometimes a question about a problem can only be expressed with a little hypo. That's cool. I'm down with that. But, if a person finds him/herself raising their hand in a class of 100 every Monday, Wednesday and Thursday, it's a problem.

I haven't bonded with anyone in class yet, so I can't share my misery. I'm sure I am not the only one who cringes at the first sound of those two voices in EVERY DAMN CLASS. It would be nice to share a look of disgust with someone else. Maybe just to ease the pain a little.

My biggest fear is that I will lose my cool one day and burst out with a "Would You Please Shut Up!"

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October 05, 2004

How to Thrill Me

Give me something unexpectedly that I really needed.

Today I received an email informing me that I get a free FULL copy of StoreLaw Outliner. I downloaded the demo version awhile ago and decided not to buy it because I already use Microsoft OneNote. Plus, I really didn't have the $65 to invest in yet more stuff for law school.

But, this FREE version of Storelaw comes at exactly the right time. I am way behind on organizing my notes and outlining. Part of the problem is my hatred for formatting outlines and arguing with word processing software. This takes the "think" out of the process. I have pretty templates matched to each of my case books. All I have to do is plug in my notes, key points, rules, and whatever else concerns me and voila - an outline.

I'm hugging my laptop. I'm getting odd looks from fellow students in the library.

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October 04, 2004

Can I have some whine with that?

I spent five useless, pointless, mind-numbing hours in the library yesterday. I have a stack of useless, pointless, mind-numbing printouts of encyclopedia articles and treatise junk. When I left, the project was still hours from completion. After a night's sleep, I decided to commit myself to churning out a piece of garbage. I'm going to hit the practice guides at the office, rack up photocopy charges on my employee account and bring this disaster to an end. I will never use this lumbering research method ever again in my life. I resent the fact I was ever exposed to this drivel.

In my frustration, I headed over to typoGenerator and made this for my LWR prof:


My case reading suffered as a result of this useless, pointless, mind-numbing exercise in futility. Have you ever tried to do your Civ Pro reading in a bad mood? I don't recommend it.

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October 03, 2004

Reality Check

Today I have to enter the library and do research on the hellish "short research problem" that is due next week. It ain't short.

But, it is not graded. It is merely for the prof to give me critique. Time to end the freak-out. Just do the damn thing already!

Last night I did something I haven't done in ages. I cooked. Yep, I went to the store, bought ingredients, sharpened my knives, hauled out the cutting board and did my very best Julia Childs. On deck was a family recipe for vegetable beef soup. It smelled glorious! Our house hasn't smelled like food cooking in months. The best part - it's dinner tonight too. Love that.

I'm going to do a leisurely surf of my favorite internet spots and then hit the shower. There will be little effort applied to my appearance. Today I get to do the "student look" - crappy clothes and just enough makeup to erase the ghoulish effect.

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October 02, 2004

can i drop this class?

Well, the answer to my own question is no. I cannot drop my legal writing/research class. Damn.

Actually I love writing and research. But we've been handled an immense "busy work" assignment that makes me want to puke. It's a secondary source project. I immediately have an attitude problem. Working with litigators and planning to be a litigator makes me look upon secondary sources with scorn. They are immensely useful for articles and security for the totally-lost. But, other than that, they look nice on the shelf.

That said, the secondary source aspect is not my main problem. The problem is the scope of this friggen' paper. We have to develop a million terms to research (the old going from broad to specific tactic). Then we have to run these million terms through the gauntlet until they hit a dead end. This is hours of work people! Hours of busy work. I'm not allowed to simply discard terms that I know are bogus. I have to research them until they die out. Naturally, I'm going to try and keep my term list rather short, but I have to make it broad enough to satisfy the prof. Gah.

Last night I actually socialized. After work I adjourned to a snotty bar with two partners and two associates. One of the associates used to be my partner-in-crime until I entered the restrictive world of law school. I'll call him "Boston". He's a six foot six Irish giant with a beantown accent that butters bread. (Yes, I've made him say "Park the Car in Harvard Yard.") Boston and I moved onto a dive-bar more suited to relaxation. I nursed (and I mean nursed) a couple of glasses of wine. I no longer have capacity for alcohol. I stayed at the bar for awhile highly entertained by Boston until he arranged for replacement company. Boston keeps open-ended cocktail hours and drinking companions have to be arranged in shifts. Once my replacement arrived I waited until I became the third wheel. The arrival of a 7-Up designated me as said third wheel. I said my good nights and arrived home at the wild hour of 9:00 p.m.

It's been a long time since dinner consisted of wine and popcorn.

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September 29, 2004


Being sick last weekend really caused chaos in my class preparation this week. I'm feeling out of touch and not as well prepared. This weekend I need to re-organize.

I mentioned the WA Supreme Court visit in a previous post, and then never mentioned it again. What a tease. Well, it was glorious. The first burning issue for me was finding a seat. The moot court room was packed, literally to the rafters. I camped out on the stairs right up front. The news camera dude told me that a student got away with parking his butt there for the previous argument, so I was secure in my position. I graciously granted an easement to a fellow student in my section on the step below me. We were set. Front row seats.

The bailiff came out and bellowed the "All Rise blah blah blah" then he banged slowly with a gavel as all nine justices filed in. Pomp and circumstance! The justices sat down and stared coldly at the counsel table. They looked like a disciplinary board. Frightening.

Appellant's counsel stood up and began his argument. Two sentences in the CJ interrupted to bark a question. Some more justices began interrogating. Counsel looked a tad rattled. I don't think he planned on the grilling happening quite so early in his argument. As I watched the justices taking turns with their pointed questions and hypos, I realized the attorneys were back in One L Hell! This is worse that One L Hell - there are nine "professors" putting the thumbscrews on.

The attorney for the trial lawyers association, Debra Stephens, stood up and I instantly fell head over heels in love. She is the benchmark I want to reach. Just incredible. Poise, great speaking voice, highly intelligent, wow. When I returned to my office I mentioned her name to the boss and was told that Ms. Stephens is "as good as it gets." When I mentioned her to my Crim Law professor, he said (and I'm not kidding) "she's as good as it gets." Okay, I wanna be just like her.

I may as well mention the elephant in the room. Yes, the design of the blog has changed again. I get bored quickly. This is a simple layout because anything fancy caused me to do battle with Internet Explorer. I hate IE. I'll probably keep this simple for awhile and just change the header graphic and colors when I get the whim.

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September 27, 2004

A Weekend Not to be repeated

This weekend I was amazed to see I was quoted in Notes from the Legal Underground. The editor of the blog went around and snapped up little tidbits from 1L blogs. I had the great distinction of my description of my snotty pillow being included. Even though this does not paint me in the best of light, I was immensely flattered. It's fun to see my blog out there with other blogs.

Saturday was totally insignificant. I spent most of the day in bed, and out of bed, I spent my time worrying about losing study time. I finally gave up and did something I haven't done in ages - I watched a movie. I actually sat down with J in the evening and watched a movie like two normal people. It was grand.

Sunday was a slow start. I didn't hit the books until 4:00 p.m. I finally shut the last case book at 10:00 p.m. I decided to put off outlining and happily Shelley over at The Menagerie left a comment instructing me not to start outlines yet. Thank you Shelley. I'll take your advice and run with it!

I did have one moment of giddiness. We have a monster of a writing assignment. I missed the writing class, but the prof kindly gave me the assignment before I left campus on Friday. It's a research/memo project requiring us to use secondary sources. That isn't too scary, but the prof listed about 10 sources we are required to use. Oh.My.God. I didn't see how I'd have time to get this sucker done by Friday. I was freaked. Then I looked at the syllabus and to my immense joy, it's not due until October 8th. Life is good.

I dinked around with my new layout idea. I know where I'm heading, but the CSS has me temporarily stumped. Just what I need - a new freakin' challenge! But I'll figure it out. How's this for a change of pace: Maybe I should actually learn CSS from the beginning instead of fumbling around... I'm one of those people who never reads the Owner's Manual and just jumps right in. It's a terrible habit. So true to form, I've been picking up advanced tips in CSS all over the web, but I've never taught myself the basics.

And I'll end this entry by waving my middle finger at the Friday Facist Security Guard on campus. For the last two Fridays I've gotten nailed with a parking ticket. Our lots are confusing. It's hard to tell what's restricted and what's not. So both times I had no idea I was illegally parked. The kicker is I park in those areas the rest of the week without a ticket. So Friday is the dark and evil day apparently. And why do they reserve so many spots for the profs in prime parking real estate? Why can't the students (who pay $25k a year) have a few more spots in the prime parking real estate? The profs pop out of their SUVs with their little tote bags dangling from their pinkies. The poor students (who pay 25k a year) have to lug tons of crap to and from the school. There. I've found something to be irritated about for the next three years!

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September 25, 2004


This weekend I absolutely have to start my outlines. December will be here before I know it.

I also absolutely have to do my laundry.

The head cold is slowly making its way out of my system. I'm so in love with Flonase. The doctor gave me a sample last time I had a cold. I think the Flonase kept my nasal passages from taking on a life of their own.

Yesterday I made it to Property. I did not make it to Contracts or Legal Writing. I had to go home and become one with my snotty pillow. It was tough to make the decision to leave, but frankly, I just didn't have it in me. My head was pounding, my legs were wobbly and I felt like hell. Today after hours and hours of sleep, I feel much better.

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September 23, 2004

Never Get Sick in Law School

Easier said than done. I've got a head cold. I'm walking around with a head full of snot and I'm spaced out.

Today I get to watch the Supreme Court. I'm praying I don't end up making gross sniffle sounds to the dismay of the people around me.

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September 21, 2004

Question of Public Policy

On Thursday my school is hosting the Washington Supreme Court. The Court will hear two oral arguments in our moot courtroom. I'm going to be watching the second case. Here's the certified question:

Whether a 13-year-old victim of sexual abuse by her teacher on school premises, who brings a negligence action against the school district and her principal for failure to supervise or for negligent hiring of the teacher, may have contributory fault assessed against her under the Washington Tort Reform Act for her participation in the relationship.

No. 75214-1, Christensen (plaintiff) v. Royal Sch. Dist. 160 (defendant). (9/23/04)

Certification from U.S. District Court, Eastern District of Wash.

Yowza! My uninformed guess is the Court accepted this question so it could discuss the bad public policy implications of allowing contributory fault in this scenario. If they were to assess this sort of duty on a child, I would be taken aback...taken very aback!

Being a law nerd, this is as fun as going to the movies. No doubt I'm going to see some very fine lawyering.

Can you imagine arguing for this form of contributory fault? Yikes.

Here's hoping I can (a) get a decent seat and (b) get a parking spot at the school that morning.

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Question of Public Policy

On Thursday my school is hosting the Washington Supreme Court. The Court will hear two oral arguments in our moot courtroom. I'm going to be watching the second case. Here's the certified question:

Whether a 13-year-old victim of sexual abuse by her teacher on school premises, who brings a negligence action against the school district and her principal for failure to supervise or for negligent hiring of the teacher, may have contributory fault assessed against her under the Washington Tort Reform Act for her participation in the relationship.

No. 75214-1, Christensen (plaintiff) v. Royal Sch. Dist. 160 (defendant). (9/23/04)

Certification from U.S. District Court, Eastern District of Wash.

Yowza! My uninformed guess is the Court accepted this question so it could discuss the bad public policy implications of allowing contributory fault in this scenario. If they were to assess this sort of duty on a child, I would be taken aback...taken very aback!

Being a law nerd, this is as fun as going to the movies. No doubt I'm going to see some very fine lawyering.

Can you imagine arguing for this form of contributory fault? Yikes.

Here's hoping I can (a) get a decent seat and (b) get a parking spot at the school that morning.

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September 19, 2004

Civ Pro Sucks this week

I usually don't mind Civ Pro. But, this week's reading assignment started with the plurality opinion from hell. I hate plurality opinions. I devoted way too much time to one friggen' case. Now I'm behind on my reading and I'm feeling gun-shy. Do I really want to crack the other case books? Could there be more plurality lurking in there this week?

I did get some housecleaning done yesterday which made me feel very accomplished for a brief period. It gave me a sense of closure. Closure is not possible in the law school venue.

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September 18, 2004

Well, that was special

After panicking, hating myself, panicking some more, and then finally committing my draft to paper, I experienced a Moment of Extreme Irony. The paper due yesterday was supposed to be a draft. So, I wasn't too worried that it was sucky, but it took hours to achieve sucky. Due to my procrastination I pulled the paper together in a frenzy.

I trotted into legal writing/research yesterday and proudly handed the professor my paper. He handed it back and said, "Oh no. That's for your use. You don't turn in this one." GAH! Hours of my life I'll never get back for a PAPER THAT WASN'T TO BE TURNED IN!!

End Moment of Extreme Irony.

On the plus side, I needed to get it on paper for tweaking. On the negative side, after yesterday's class, I've realized it needs major tweaking. Most of the draft will be the victim of my delete key.

Now that I've played with web design, I'm going to clean my house. My house has sunken to the level of the dog kennel. I cannot function in this disaster.

Then it's time to hit the books again for the upcoming week.

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September 17, 2004

No Time to Play

Comments still aren't working. I dinked around a little with no success. I'm sure I can solve the problem if I can eek out some time to apply myself.

Note to self: Never, ever procrastinate on a writing assignment again! True to form, I stalled writing a paper that is due today. I ended up experiencing major anxiety and typing my little fingers off last night. Not acceptable. The irony is that I really enjoy writing.

Hopefully this weekend I'll have time to fix the comments and dink with some cosmetics. I'm not entirely satisfied with the color scheme.

My "Current Mood" is a mystery. The server is down for the link. I suspect Hurricane Ivan may be the culprit.

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September 12, 2004


I have concluded that each and every one of my classes do not require detailed briefing. This is a huge relief. For those not requiring detailed briefing, I'm using summaries containing the facts and the rule (as well as any other stuff I find pertinent).

My Civ Pro and Contracts profs use the Satanic Method and really chew on each and every piece of the case. Those two classes require extensive briefing.

My Property and Crim Law profs mostly lecture. They don't pick apart each and every aspect of the case. For those classes, I'm confident I can rely on summaries and good class notes. Of course, there may be cases in these two classes that are complex enough to justify briefing.

I always highlight and make notations in the margins for every case, no matter what the class. My first read of the case is the "no highlighting phase". I pencil in margin notes. My second read is the highlighting phase. I'm a one-color person. I don't like a rainbow on my page. My pencil notes point me to the heart of the matter and call out the different positions and meaty reasoning. The highlighting is the important stuff in the reasoning and holdings. I've also started to specifically pencil in the rule for each case in the margins.

This is a huge relief. I needed to find space in my schedule for my writing/research projects.

As a 1L, the biggest hurdle is learning to trust one's own judgment. I am bombarded with advice that goes from the sublime to the ridiculous: buy commercial study aids, don't buy them, outline, don't outline, brief everything, briefing is a waste of time, read each case 3 times, 10 times, and on and on. You know what? It means nothing. Whatever I need to do to analyze, synthesize, understand the rule, and understand how they got there, is what I need to do. What I need to do still takes hours, but the hours are efficient time spent.

Now there is bad judgment. On various discussion boards I've come across the poor souls who think they've nailed the system by memorizing black letter law and making a pass at the cases. They figure that because they know the rules and can get by during the Satanic Method, they've got it cracked. Hey this is easy! Why are all these idiots studying so much?! These poor souls are utterly screwed. Eventually their methods will bite them in the ass very hard. And by that time, it will be too late to recover. If becoming a lawyer was just learning black letter and scanning cases, everyone could be a lawyer. Anyone can learn to look up cases and statutes and make a pass at applying them to the facts. But to truly analyze and synthesize the information takes great skill. Acquiring that skill takes a lot of practice.

This really came home to me the other day at work. I've been dipping into research and writing for years. But I always felt like I was in the dark and inept. I was given a new case to work up. The statute involved was fairly new and there wasn't much case law on the books as of yet. I was aware of the statute since it's an issue that crops up many times in Family Law. For the first time I sat down and really read the statute. Then I sat down and really read the case in the area of concern. My brain has changed so much in these few months that it literally gave me the creeps. My hours of briefing paid of enormously. I sat down with that case and that statute and in a manner of hours I knew where the holes were in our case and where the holes were in the opposition. And By God I was Confident! The darkness is gone. This is going to be so much damn fun.

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September 09, 2004

Battling Procrastination

I was going to title this entry "Conquering Procrastination" but that would be overreaching. I'm far, far from conquering procrastination.

Yesterday I left campus with the smug feeling of being ahead of the game. I've read and briefed all of the reading for my classes this week and every single one of my professors is behind the syllabus.

I was very tempted to take a night off. But, I have a paper due in my writing class on Friday. My procrastinating alter-ego tried to seduce me. I could write it on Thursday night and just turn it in as-is. Why not? It's not a graded assignment and the prof is going to ruin it with tons of red markings no matter what I do. I eyed my television buried under layers of dust and cobwebs. I was lured into a vision of sitting on the couch vegging out in front of the TV. I haven't done that in ages.

But, my duty-bound alter ego won. I almost lost my taste for discipline when the first paragraph took over 30 minutes to draft. First I broke the issue down into two issues. Stupid. Then I re-framed the issue and it was too broad. Then I framed the issue too narrowly. I kept storming away from my laptop in disgust to go sulk on the patio. Finally, I drafted an acceptable issue statement and the rest of the paper churned out.

The paper is now in the piece of crap stage. Because I left myself another evening to tweak, I can remove the crappiness tonight.

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September 06, 2004

Law Students Don't Get 3-Day Weekends

I had an almost-one-day weekend. I took most of Saturday re-designing the blog, but had my nose in casebooks by the evening. I've decided I'm not devoting enough time to this venture. It's good to make that decision early in the game.

I've almost gotten through all of my reading and briefing for next week. Criminal Law briefing and Civ Pro reading/briefing is all I have left. Civ Pro briefing may roll over to tomorrow. Then the rest of the week I'll spend evenings working on my writing assignment.

My attire for most of this weekend has been ratty t-shirts and jammie bottoms. I've eaten...well whatever I grab when I remember to eat. J and I did go out to lunch today. I felt like a dog being taken for a ride in the car. Oh goodie - I get to go outside!

Reflecting over the last week I've also realized my contributions to all conversations usually revolves around law school. I'm becoming a bore. Time to spice it up a bit.

How much time do I spend studying? Frankly, I haven't a clue. A lot. I've never timed myself nor do I want to. It would be difficult to time my study habits because I'm not one to sit for 4 solid hours. I read cases, get up, play with dogs, eat something, check email, read cases, brief, get up, play with dogs, and so on. I have to move around or I go batty.

Well, enough blogging. My criminal law cases await briefing. It's been fun chatting.

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September 02, 2004

Law School is a Forebrain Space Hog

One would think a law student could read a syllabus. One would think a law student would realize when the previous month has concluded.

One would think.

Yesterday I stayed home with a migraine. When I recovered somewhat, I planned to refine my notes and perhaps read ahead. My smugness was dashed when I reviewed the syllabus for Civ Pro and Criminal Law. I realized August was over. I had not read the syllabus past August 31. I was two days behind in my reading.

I resorted to book briefing. Thank God for the three-day weekend. I'll have time to rehabilitate this disaster by summarizing the cases I almost skipped reading.

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August 31, 2004

The "Sit" Command

A basic command taught to 1Ls is to "sit". This is accomplished by passing out seating charts and requiring each student to commit to sitting in the same spot every time. This results in nice rows of sitting 1Ls and a seating chart the prof can refer to when using the Satanic Method.

I still have to refer to my calendar every day just to remember what room I'm supposed to be in for class. Now I have to remember where to sit. I actually created notes in my Outlook calendar which read something like this "First row, stage right, aisle". I have a note for each class. Swear to God.

There's one poor guy in my section who keeps following me around asking "Do I sit next to you in this class?" I have to gently remind him that he only sits next to me in Contracts. He looks crestfallen every time. Not because I'm so great to sit by, but because he is left with absolutely no idea where he is supposed to sit.

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August 29, 2004

More on Sleeping

I am rebuilt. Friday afternoon I came home from school (after 6 hours at school), and went face down for 12 hours. I woke up for awhile, saw J off to work, and went face down for another 3 hours. All better now.

As I wheeled my books and laptop to my car Friday afternoon, I experienced a chilling moment familiar to all law students. Just as I was about to lift the 2-ton bag into my trunk, it hit me...







One week of law school and I was done in. Tired, overwhelmed and drowning in the monotony of wheeling my bag to and fro. I had a moment of panic. I couldn't quit already! But, after hours of restorative sleep, I'm back in the game.

Yesterday began with "eeny meeny miney mo, catch a case book by the toe". Where to start? I pulled up ye old Outlook calendar and started in order of classes. I only devoted a few hours to study yesterday, so today I must get down to business. Yesterday I discovered my Criminal Law chapter is devoted to theories of punishment. No briefing needed. Sweet. There's some outline fodder in there of course, but that can be shoved off to later.

Friday I discovered my first gunner. During Property this girl kept piping up with inane comments. I realized I'd seen the face and heard the voice many times. I kept an eye on her the next class. Sure enough, more inane commentary. She almost ran over me as I exited class as she beat a quick path to the professor. Gunner Alert! I give her two more days before she starts commenting on the footnotes.

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August 27, 2004


Yesterday I hit the Wall of Exhaustion. I left behind an intriguing intrastate custody battle at work. I arrived home, gathered my dogs around me, and went face down for 3 hours. I woke up, updated my Outlook tasks, read my property text and went back to sleep. Much better today.

I've only left one assignment dangling. I have to brief a case for my writing class at 1:00 today. I have two 1-hour breaks on my schedule today so I can brief in the library.

Week 1 has been conquered. I'm looking forward to the weekend which will be spent relaxing and studying. Lots of naps are planned.

A situation has developed with my PDA. I have one PDA. I have a calendar at work and a calendar for school on my laptop. Currently the PDA is synced to the work calendar. I can access my work calendar from the web. Should I switch my PDA over to my Outlook calendar? I can't decide. Two PDAs would be ridiculous. Two PDAs would scream "Gunner!"

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August 25, 2004

The Two Lives of Law School

I took some time to browse other law student blogs this morning. I like to read about my anonymous comrade's day-to-day observations. Recently, 123L had a freak-out moment. This moment was caused by exposure to the Anal Law Student Brigade. 123L experienced the "Is This Worth It?" moment. The Anal Law Student Brigade convinced him, briefly, that he would not have any time to spend with his wife during law school. Fortunately, other students quickly rushed to the comments to tell him this would not be the case.

It is possible to bury oneself into law school to the exclusion of everything else. Quite a few do it. The divorce rate is supposedly high in law school. However, believing in this urban legend does not take into account that perhaps these weren't perfect marriages prior to law school.

Yes, I make sacrifices. I can no longer take off for a weekend trip at the drop of a hat. I no longer enjoy "cocktail hours" with my co-workers after work. I don't watch movies during the week. I sometimes find it difficult to go to a movie theater during the weekend!

It's all about choices. Do I want to be ranked at the top of my class? Not necessarily. It would be a nice ego moment, but it isn't my goal. Do I want to immerse myself in study groups and student organizations? Resounding "No". I already have a life, thank you.

My goals during law school are as follows: (1) Learn legal theory; (2) Become a lawyer. That's it. Simple. Of course, to get a decent job, I need decent grades. Decent grades do not mean being in the top 2% of the class.

I average about 2 hours of study each night. The weekend study sessions are much longer. The weekends are for summarizing materials, outlining, and reading ahead for the next week. Some people may study longer each week day and would gasp in disbelief at my seemingly casual study habits. But, during the week, all I need to do is read the material, brief it, write and be prepared for the next round of classes. Do I get it? Yep. If for some reason I don't get it, I study longer. But once I'm at the "get it" point, there's no reason to labor over the books on the week nights. The weekends are geared towards the final exams. I make sure I constantly create the tools I'll need to prepare for the exams.

My time with J has diminished a tad during law school. But, if I really do not absolutely NEED to spend time on studying to the exclusion of the world around me, I don't. We sit on the porch and chat while the BBQ is doing its thing. We watch movies in the evenings on weekends. We go to movies on the weekends. We go "do stuff" on the weekends. We spend hours over coffee in the mornings. We have house guests.

Law school is only a 3 years experience. It should not completely restructure someone's life. The best advice I was given was "stay away from the law school". If I'm not in class or don't need to use materials in the library, I'm not at the school. Period.

And really, law school isn't an entire 3 years. Add up the time school is actually in session. Once the Summers and Breaks are taken off, actual law school is only a little over two years.

Well, I'm rambling. But, 123L's worries really got to me. I'm glad he's had time to realize he was talking to over-achievers who are making the absolute choice to devote their lives to being a law student.

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August 24, 2004

Day One

Day One as a 1L went well (oops, a rhyme).

I love rolly-bag to death. I did not realize that when all three years of the law student posse shows up at school, parking is at a premium. I managed to get somewhat close to the building. I smugly rolled my way through the parking lot. Heaven.

Then I found out just how crowded our small law school can get. I had to stand in line to get into class! Dear God. We have 10 minutes between classes. It's tricky. I have to stand at the elevator and pray for a quick car to show up. Then I have to get into the next class, weaving my way between students departing from the class prior. Drop off my stuff to mark my spot. DASH to the bathroom hoping there is no line. Return to spot and frantically unpack. It's a cardio workout.

My Civ Pro professor is acceptable. My Criminal prof is questionable. He's a bit of a loon. I already sense he is going to frustrate me to no end. He also mentioned that he is constantly at odds with other faculty members about his teaching methods. Uh oh. This will not be in my comfort zone, I just know it.

Today is Contracts with scary prof and then Property. I have an hour between classes which I will use to try and get back on top of things. I already feel control slipping through my fingers.

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August 23, 2004

Here We Go!

I feel like a little kid heading off to the first day of kindergarten. Excitement mixed with dread.

We have houseguests. The houseguests arrived last night, but they have yet to see me. I scurried off to bed because I knew I'd be up earlier than necessary today. They will get a glimpse of me after school/work. But, I have to head straight into the office to prepare for Contracts and Property tomorrow. Hopefully, that will only take an hour or two and I can socialize before heading back to bed.

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August 21, 2004

Plan of Attack

Okay, I've got my assignments for the first week. Time to dig in.

Civ Pro and Criminal are Monday. I should read and brief those two first. Oh wait, they also happen Wednesday and Thursday (back to back). I should read and brief ahead.

Contracts and Property are Tuesday and Friday. Maybe I should get in the Tuesday reading/briefing before concentrating on the Civ Pro and Criminal assignments for Wednesday/Thursday.

Or I could read/brief for all of the classes through Tuesday. Wait, that means I have to read for the Wednesday/Thursday classes on Tuesday night. Will I be too tired? Maybe I should read and brief for all of them for all of next week right now.

No assignment has been posted for Legal Writing on Friday. What if it pops up unexpectedly on the bulletin board? I should plan for contingencies.

Frozen in indecision.

Stare at sheet with assignments.

Stare at books.

Realize this is going to be an issue every week FOR THE NEXT THREE YEARS!


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August 20, 2004


The blogger known as 123L got called on in his orientation class the very first day! Gasp.

I ran into a guy in my section in the bookstore today for the third time. We rolled our eyes at each other. I turned in a hefty pile of books and received back over two hundred bucks. I'm not planning a spending spree. As soon as the property texts come in, I'll be out one hundred twenty-five (I prefer writing out the numbers instead of listing them with the dollar sign - less impact on my delicate state of mind).

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Orientation is over. Yesterday I flaked out and didn't attend any of the morning presentations. I showed up at the assigned time to register and pick up my check. Since I was at the head of the line (lines are a major part of orientation), it went swiftly. So swiftly, in fact, that I was able to fly to the bank to deposit the refund check before my contracts class.

The contracts class was frightening. The instructor is a very large African American woman who sounds as if she's taking her last breath. She got right to business explaining that a cell phone ringing equals a near death experience. She handed out the syllabus, but none of us had any time to review the syllabus because she immediately launched into the Satanic Method - and boy is she good at it.

Her average for skewering her victim is about three questions. It is a quick, but painful death. As she moved in for the kill, I could see a slight smile at the corner of her mouth. Twenty minutes into the class I found myself thinking "we could take her". I figured three or four guys could hold her down while the rest of us scurried for the door.

I have an entire page filled with assignments for next week. Believe me, I'm paying very close attention to my Contracts assignment. I don't want to die.

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August 19, 2004

The Home Stretch of Orientation

Today is the very last day of Orientation. Good times. My to-do list for the day:

1. Skip the morning presentations at Orientation.

2. Re-polish my toe nails.

3. Go to the office this morning if I get really bored.

4. Return to bookstore-hell to exchange books and buy more books.

5. Complete registration process, shell out fifty bucks for a parking pass and pick up my very-much-needed refund check.

6. Attend my first contracts class.

7. Break the sound barrier racing to the bank to deposit said refund check before the checks for books bounce.

8. Return home and let reality sink in. Freak out.

Because my books will become grafted to my skin and because they were such a nifty investment, I have created a portrait:

I'm still basking in my success at installing Movable Type. So far I'm resisting the urge to move my blogger archives over. The urge will most likely be eliminated completely once I actually look at my scribbled down assignments for next week.

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August 18, 2004

The New Blawg and Orientation

The BIG news is I finally installed Movable Type (all by my little self) and moved my blog over to my server.

I've been in orientation. Orientation is unpleasant. Orientation is boring. Orientation is crowded, hot, sticky, and somewhat pointless. I appreciate all of the effort that has gone into these presentations, but....B-O-R-I-N-G.

To be honest, I've been playing hooky with abandon. It started yesterday when I just could not take one more presentation. I slunk out. Today I made it through my required lunch with my student mentor...and I slunk out.

In between Orientation has been The Joys Of Law Textbook Shopping. All of the books for the esteemed School of Law have been crammed into one aisle in the campus bookstore. I played twister yesterday climbing over and under the mass of 1L bodies to get my friggen books. The final insult was the price - $495 cha-CHING.

Today I had to go back to the bookstore. Since it was during one of my hooky sessions, I had most of the aisle to myself. More cha-CHING bringing the grand total to $630.

Then I got home and opened an email brightly informing me that my professor has changed for one class. The good news is the time won't change. The bad news is...different freakin' books! I have to go back to bookstore-hell to return old-professor books and get new-professor books.

Seriously. All I want to do is study law. Can I do that now? Please?

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